Maria Montessori & Teaching Method
Maria Montessori & Teaching Method

"Montessori Childrens World has been an amazing experience for my twin girls as they started their journey there when they were 2 years old. They have been very understanding & helpful with our family traveling a lot and guiding the girls back into the schedule when returning back from living in Europe .The school has great discipline with the children and the teachers are nurturing and caring .We have truly enjoyed our 2 years at Childrens World and would highly recommend this school ."

-With lot's of love, The Åkerlund Family

“Thank You Montessori Children’s World!

As parents that were faced with a difficult decision as to where to send our toddlers for enrichment and social interaction, we were overwhelmed with the amount of choices. The research and time spent looking at other preschools and other Montessori schools paid off. MCW was an outstanding experience for our two boys, and also for us as parents. Whether it was dropping our kids off early in the morning, or utilizing the extended care, the two boys were always welcomed by a caring teacher. Ww always felt right at home whenever we0Awalked through the door at MCW. The Montessori way of teaching was a huge asset that challenged and stimulated them daily. The work habits that they learned at MCW has put our two boys at the top of their class and they have excelled a grade level ahead. Without the time my children spent at MCW, I am 100% convinced they would not be were they are today in their studies. Thank you again for the time spent teaching our two boys and helping them to build a strong foundation for their future learning.”

-Sean and Monica Kennedy - Parents of Gavin and Tristan Kennedy

“At MCW, I know that my child is being left in loving, caring hands. Each staff member takes the time to know my child personally and to nurture her individual spirit, while tailoring an academic plan fit just for her. We are lucky to have them as an extended family.”


“I honestly believe that enrolling my son into the Montessori program at MCW was the best gift that I could ever give to him.  It’s incredible what the amazing teachers can teach a child in an eight-hour day.  He loves school and talks about school until the moment his head hits the pillow at night.  The teachers are so interactive with the children and give the children the individualized attention that they need each day.  I am amazed at the progress he has made with his language since he started at MCW.  His vocabulary is well beyond what it should be for a child his age and it’s all because of Montessori.  I am truly grateful that the Montessori Program exists and for the beautiful people that teach at MCW.”

-Amber Conely, mother of 2 year old Aaden

“ My children have been attending Montessori Children’s World (MCW) for over two years now. I have seen significant improvement in both of my kids ever since they enrolled at MCW.  Both the teachers and staff at MCW are professional, dedicated and friendly.  The school also offers a variety of programs such as keyboarding, science, dance and swimming lessons that are very convenient for full-time working parents.  I highly recommend MCW to all the parents out there who are currently researching for a school that they can trust and depend on.”


“I have been impressed with the education my children have received at Montessori Children’s World.  My daughter was reading at 2 ½ years old and is now reading 60 page books at one time at the age of four.  Her teachers are so nurturing and have left an impression on her because she wants to become a teacher.  She teaches her little brother of 2, who also attends the school.  She is very independent, very social and very confident in the work she does and her positive actions. Everyone at the school is very nice and very accommodating to the needs of the children and the parents.”                  


“We are really happy with our son’s Montessori education.  In the past year since he’s been at Montessori Children’s World School Max has learned to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. We highly recommend this Montessori school to parents who are looking to place their child into a preschool.”       

-Rothany Kubis

“We are so pleased with how MCW has prepared our children for their higher education. They have had a positive learning experience, enjoyed hands-on science experiments along with practical life skills.  The staff is well trained and attentive to the students’ needs.”

-Lisa Foster, mother of three MCW students