About Us
About Us
"Children are the future,
Teach them well and let them lead the way"
- Michael Musser & Linda Creed

Montessori Children’s World is a family owned and operated school business since 1973. We appreciate you as a parent, taking your time to research schools in order to make the best choice of school placement for your child.

We are happy that you have found us and we would like to share our personal story in order to help you in the process of reaching your decision on such an important step in your child‘s “early educational foundation”.

I was a parent, not unlike yourselves, looking at various preschools for my then, 2 year old daughter. I was returning back to teaching in public elementary school, and in need of child care. I did not know much about Montessori education but went to visit a Montessori school that a neighbor had recommended. I knew my daughter was quite verbal, but I did not want her to be “pushed” into early reading, nor did I want her to be in an environment that was not stimulating enough (play/daycare). On my first visit, to the Montessori School, I was very impressed by all of the calm and purposeful activity of the children in the Montessori classroom. I immediately experienced the feeling of a loving/caring relationship between the teacher and the children, as well as orderliness and peacefulness in the classroom.

I made my choice: first, based on my “Motherly Instinct” and secondly, as an educator of young children in the public school system. After en rolling my daughter, I was not disappointed at all-- in fact, I was extremely impressed. I was impressed in the joy of learning, rapid language development, and accomplishment of independent activities that my daughter displayed. I became so interested that I was constantly asking her teacher, Mrs. Sandra Houston, questions. Mrs. Houston was happy to show me the Montessori materials and share with me how she and the other Montessori teachers, combined with the materials, taught my young child these skills so easily. I later found out that Mrs. Houston was trained by Dr. Maria Montessori’s son, Mario Montessori. That in itself was thrilling! We are proud to say that to this day, Mrs. Houston remains with us as an esteemed colleague, mentor, and guest speaker.

After learning a little bit more about Montessori, I felt as if the “light bulb” was just turned on for me as a teacher. I was not able to get the same results in my traditional Kindergarten class. I had always taught my Kindergarten class according to the “curriculum” assigned, as in all public schools. I also had to give each child in my classroom the exact same lesson. Even before this time, I began to become frustrated in the reality that each year the curriculum in the public school system and in my classroom changed. It was frustrating to not be able to teach my classroom children based on their personal skill level. I felt like as an educational system - we were grasping at meth ods, and all the while the children were the ones loosing out. A few excelled, but many weren’t ready for the lessons and many were past the lessons. Like Dr Montessori teaches: once the opportunity to teach a young child is gone - it is gone.

I then decided to take a Montessori teacher training course and applied what I could, within limits, in my public school classroom. I found that the Montessori Philosophy and method of teaching, exceeded my traditional teacher training. Montessori classrooms a re not divided by age, the children are in mixed age groupings on purpose, sometimes referred to as "family grouping". Socially the children naturally accept each other’s differences. The older children display compassion, as well as leadership qualities. The younger children can see from their older peers what they will later be able to do themselves, which creates motivation and enthusiasm. The trained teachers are skilled at developing specific lessons based on the child's individual abilities and interests. A Montessori Classroom and the individualized instruction is in opposition to traditional preschool teachings. Traditional teaching presents one lesson to the class, which is separated by the age of the children. This widespread technique ignores individual differences. The Montessori teaching materials are concrete and manipulative representations for abstract reading and math skills. As an educator, it is extremely exciting to watch the children grasp difficult concepts and continue to improve and expand t heir knowledge. The children love doing the work in the Montessori Classroom and are able to excel at their own personal and “natural rate of readiness“. The children are not held back from learning because of their age. It is truly awesome!

As a concerned parent we hope that when you envision your child as a young adult, you desire that they become a contributing member of society who has: -competence -confidence -compassion -self respect

A quality Montessori educ ational facility, brings out behaviors and beliefs within your child which leads him to become an “independent thinker”, having a life long love of learning. You will personally experience that your child’s early years spent in our Montessori Children's World schools will have been tremendously valuable to last throughout your child’s lifetime.

I am proud to say that my once “2 year old little girl” who brought me to learn about Montessori so many years ago, is the "inspiration" by my side today, running our company. Montessori Children's World strives to give this excellent "Early Childhood Experience" to our current children and future children. As, well as being a Montessori graduate herself, my daughter’s two children have also attended our schools. My grandchildren have gained so much and I am personally thankful. We couldn’t be happier or prouder to carry on for your children, and your grandchildren.

Sincerely, Arlene Roepke

Montessori Children’s World has been established since 1973.

We take great pride in having provided thousands of children with quality Montessori education for the past 36 years. Our schools emphasize a balance between the child’s academic learning with their social and emotional growth. At every age level, great care is taken to provide the appropriate environment to support the child in all areas of development.

Montessori CW
Montessori Staff

MCW has a highly qualified and caring staff.

Most of our Montessori teachers have over 20 years of Montessori teaching experience. In addition to their early childhood teaching units, all of our teachers have extensive Montessori training. All staff is first aid trained and CPR certified. Most importantly our staff is highly dedicated to providing a safe, happy, and nurturing environment for all children.

Extra-Curricular Programs

We strive to nurture the child in all areas of development which helps to instill self confidence and independence. One of the ways we encourage this growth is through extra-curricular activities. Some of the programs we offer are*:

- Music - Creative Arts - Gymnastics
- Science - Foreign Language - Dance
- Yoga - Martial Arts - Swimming Lessons


*not all programs are offered at every location